Alphanet version 5

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The next version of our testnet is up and running

The most notable UI changes are:

  • Support for seed-phrase backup of wallet seed, BIP39
  • Much faster responses to request needed for the dashboard
  • Faster proof generation from upgrade to Triton-VM v0.36
  • New wallet format, meaning you need a new wallet.dat

Migrating on Linux: To migrate on Linux, please stop your current node:

  • Get the latest version of neptune-core by e.g. running git pull
  • Run ./scripts/linux/alphanet-restart to clear blockchain data
  • Run cargo install --path .

For this particular update, you should also move your wallet.dat file, as the software needs to generate a new one, as the format has changed.

On Windows the application defaults to storing its data in C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\neptune\neptune\.

Internally this version enables faster proof generation due to the new version of Triton VM, and a change from a Rust implementation of leveldb to the C++ implementation that the Bitcoin Core client also uses.

Full changelog can be found here.

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